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Federico Antonio MARCHESI

14th Sep 1839 - 27th Aug 1922

Life History

14th Sep 1839

Born in Poschiavo.

15th Sep 1839

Baptised in Poschiavo.


Death of Mary MCKENZIE in London, England.

11th Jun 1867

Married Elizabeth CLAXTON in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia.

23rd Nov 1867

Birth of son Giuseppe MARCHESI in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia

5th Aug 1869

Birth of son Federico MARCHESI in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia

1st Jan 1872

Birth of son Adolfo MARCHESI in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia

26th Apr 1874

Birth of daughter Elisabetta MARCHESI in Heathcote, Victoria, Australia

14th May 1876

Birth of daughter Ida Celestina Vittoria MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

15th Dec 1878

Birth of daughter Maria Matilda Adelaide MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland

22nd Oct 1883

Birth of daughter Alma Margherita MARCHESI in San Carlo, Poschiavo, Switzerland

6th Apr 1884

Birth of daughter Maria MARCHESI

18th Feb 1916

Death of son Giuseppe MARCHESI in Guy's Hospital, London, England


Death of Elizabeth CLAXTON in Poschiavo

27th Aug 1922

Died in Poschiavo.


Married Mary MCKENZIE


  • Known as Barba (Grandfather) Federic, like many young men in 19th century Europe, decided to seek his fortune abroad, and went to Australia in 1858 on the ss Scottish Chief (1052 tons), via Liverpool, to work in the goldmines. We do not know exactly what he did, for many immigrants to Australia worked in the ancillary services supporting mining. (Eg: farming, timber for housing and pit-props, transport, catering, general trading, tailoring, shoemaking). The miners were relatively well paid due to the dangers and later immigrants could not get these jobs.

    Federico married first, Mary McKenzie who died shortly afterwards, and second, an Australian lady Elizabeth Claxton. Their eldest son Giuseppe was born in Heathcote, near Melbourne in 1867, as were several more of their children. However, the last three - all daughters, where born in Poschiavo and San Carlo, so Federico must have returned to Switzerland around 1875. By this time the gold mining was becoming much more difficult and he obviously felt that opportunities must be sought elsewhere.

    Several Poschiavini had already established successful catering businesses in England, and Federico decided to follow them with his family and seek prosperity. He bought a bakery business in Albion Street, Broadstairs in 1883, running this with his wife and sons. In 1886, they established a restaurant known as Marchesi Brothers, which soon became successful, and is still run by the family to this day. At this time, Broadstairs and other towns on this coast were fashionable and wealthy people stayed in the hotels and promenaded along the seafront, listening to the military bands playing. We also know that several of the sons of King George V attended boarding school in Broadstairs, which gives some insight as to the type of town it was.

    Marchesi Brothers is recorded in Kelly's Directory in 1903 at 45 Albion Street and at 8 Harbour Street, Broadstairs and is still run by direct descendants today, enjoying a high reputation and being the oldest family run restaurant in England!

    Federico may be regarded as responsible for the English Marchesi, for his nephew Erminio Marchesi came to work at Broadstairs as a 13 year old boy. Luigi Rocca also came from San Carlo to England at the same time, working at Broadstairs for some time. In due course Erminio founded his own restaurant in Norwich in 1896. Luigi Rocca went to work for Federico's son Giuseppe, who had established a restaurant in Northampton. In 1902 he also opened his own establishment in Narrow Street, Peterborough. For more information on Poschiavini Emigrants, see the "Emigrants" Page on this website.

    Note:- An extract from The Argus, Melbourne, 10 May 1858;- "Arrived in Hobson's Bay, 8.5.1858, ss Scottish Chief, Black Ball Line, 1052 tons from Liverpool 8.2.1858. Almost all passengers travelled in Intermediate of Steerage Class. 205 passengers, includng 22 Poschiavini."

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