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Erminio Guglielmo Luigi (Louis) MARCHESI

19th Jan 1898 - 10th Dec 1968

Life History

19th Jan 1898

Born in Norwich, England

11th Oct 1934

Married Ethel Letitia Isabel (Dolly) BUDDRELL

1st Jan 1936

Birth of son Peter MARCHESI

12th Jul 1965

Death of Ethel Letitia Isabel (Dolly) BUDDRELL in Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich, England.

10th Dec 1968

Died in Norwich, England


  • Louis was sent by his father to stay with his grandparents, Luigi and Maria Marchesi, at Cima Villa, Poschiavo. He attended school for one year under the tutorship of Maestro Antonio Vassella. He lived the life of a normal Puschiavin child and when out of school, helped with the usual family chores. He returned home with a fluent knowledge of Puschiavin.

    Back in England, at the age of 17ư, he joined the British Army, serving in the Near East and India. En route to India, the ship was torpedeod off Cape Town, but fortunately, all survived. Louis spent an interesting time in Durban waiting for re-equipment. After the war, he suffered from malignant malaria, cured by a 3 month convalescense in Poschiavo.

    Louis Marchesi was the founder of the Round Table movement in 1927. He was a member of Norwich Rotary club but felt that an organisation for business young men was needed which enabled them to meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas, learn from the experiences of their colleagues and play a collective part in the civic life of Norwich. Today, Round Table exists in many countries in the world. For more details see the links page.

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