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Giuseppe Luigi MARCHESI

6th Jun 1842 - 24th Aug 1920

Life History

6th Jun 1842

Born in Poschiavo.

10th Oct 1883

Married Maria MENGOTTI in Poschiavo.

10th May 1907

Death of Maria MENGOTTI in Poschiavo

24th Aug 1920

Died in Poschiavo.


  • Giuseppe followed his brother Federico to Australia via Liverpool, arriving in Melbourne on 21 Jan 1861 on SS Morning Light. We know no more about his journey, but he hoped to prosper from the gold mining activities at Bendigo in Victoria at that time. In due course, when the gold became harder to find, he returned to Switzerland. His brother Adolfo (Dolph) corresponded with him and two of his letters are on the "Old Documents" page. Dolph became ill with the "miner's disease" -  respitory problems's - and his wife Elizabeth continued the correspondence with Giuseppe.

    We know that he was a much respected local councillor in Poschiavo, and died aged 79 after a brief illness, mourned by his family and his wide circle of friends and colleagues. Sadly, there is no more detail of Giuseppe.

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