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Luigi Maria MARCHESI

25th Mar 1844 - 17th Jan 1905

Life History

25th Mar 1844

Born in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

8th Feb 1870

Married Maria Caterina DORIZZI in Poschiavo, S. Vittore, Switzerland.

15th Mar 1871

Birth of son Erminio Giuseppe MARCHESI in Poschiavo

6th Aug 1874

Birth of son Giuseppe Osvaldo MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

10th Dec 1876

Birth of son Prospero Silvio Pietro MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

13th Feb 1880

Birth of son Luigi Federico MARCHESI in Poschiavo

8th Jun 1882

Birth of son Vittore Alfonso MARCHESI in Poschiavo

10th Mar 1886

Birth of son Leopoldo Beniamino MARCHESI in Cimavilla, Poschiavo, Switzerland

17th Jan 1905

Died in Poschiavo, Switzerland.


  • Luigi was the fourth son of Giuseppe Marchesi and Anna Maria Gaigher. He was born and baptized on 25 March 1844.

    He became a blacksmith and was an accredited farrier to the Swiss Postal Coach Services. He established his business at Cima Villa, Poschiavo, by the bridge (see photograph). He was apparently a very gentle man who worked hard. The blacksmith was a very important person in the community in those days, for they made articles used in almost every home. Luigi's wife Maria, who was known as La Vapurin - Spitfire in the local Puschiavin' dialect - ran a shop next to the house (on the left in the photo), and also a boarding house, providing accommodation for the coachdrivers and  carriers of goods.

    When Luigi and Maria's grandsons Terry and Louis Marchesi were boys, they travelled from England to spend summer holidays in Poschiavo with their Swiss grandparents.

    The coachdrivers (postillions) were tough men and they often stayed overnight at the boarding house. Maria would take their coats and return them only when she was paid. Often that would be in gold or silver, as some cantons still maintained their own currencies at that time. She was obviously very business-minded.

    The house by the bridge at Cima Villa, where Luigi and Maria lived and brought up their family, is still very recognisable, and the blacksmith's workshop remains, although the demand for this work is much diminished compared to the days of Luigi Marchesi. The photograph shows the forge and hostel ca 1894.

    Luigi Marchesi was the Godfather of Louis Rocca, father of Eulalie Rocca, wife of Terry Marchesi. He died suddenly, for it was recorded in his obituary that he was working at noon on the previous day.

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