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Maria Caterina DORIZZI

11th May 1845 - 4th Apr 1916

Life History

11th May 1845

Born in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

11th May 1845


8th Feb 1870

Married Luigi Maria MARCHESI in Poschiavo, S. Vittore, Switzerland.

15th Mar 1871

Birth of son Erminio Giuseppe MARCHESI in Poschiavo

6th Aug 1874

Birth of son Giuseppe Osvaldo MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

10th Dec 1876

Birth of son Prospero Silvio Pietro MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

13th Feb 1880

Birth of son Luigi Federico MARCHESI in Poschiavo

8th Jun 1882

Birth of son Vittore Alfonso MARCHESI in Poschiavo

10th Mar 1886

Birth of son Leopoldo Beniamino MARCHESI in Cimavilla, Poschiavo, Switzerland

17th Jan 1905

Death of Luigi Maria MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

4th Apr 1916

Died in Poschiavo, Switzerland.


  • Daughter of Giuseppe Dorizzi and Maria Lanfranchi, Maria Dorizzi had a strong personality, whom my father, Terry Marchesi (her grandson), remembered vividly all his life. In 1908 at the age of 8, he and his elder brother Louis spent a year with her in Poschiavo. Their parents had had new suits made for them, and proudly sent them well dressed to their grandmother. She carefully folded away the new things and made the boys what she considered suitable garments out of old clothes. By the time they came to wear them again, they were too small!

    Maria was a tiny woman and ran the Osteria above the forge, as well as an adjoining shop. When the Bernina railway was being built (opened in 1910), there were many Italians who lodged with her. When it was time to pay the bill, if they were not prompt with the money, she took their coats. She insisted on payment in either gold or silver. (There were several currencies in circulation in the different Cantons in Switzerland at this time). Clearly, she was possessed of keen business acumen and great energy and can be admired, as she managed all these activities as well as her large family.  She was known as "La Vaporin," best translated as "The Spitfire," which encapsulates these attributes.

    Maria Dorizzi's sister Erminia was also a very energetic lady and for a time ran the Bernina Hospice, the Hotel near the top of the Bernina Pass.

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