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Luigi Francesco (Don Luigi) MARCHESI

10th Sep 1905 - 1984

Life History

10th Sep 1905

Born in Poschiavo




  • Don Luigi was consecrated as a priest at Coira on 6 July 1930. His father Prospero left the Poschiavo valley only twice in his life and the first of these occasions was when he took the train to Coira to attend the first mass offered by his son. For two years, Don Luigi was also chaplain to the Bishopric.

    In 1933, Don Luigi became the Parish Priest of Lostallo (population of 670, Comune of Moesano) in the west of Canton Grigione. He was much loved by his parishioners and noted for his deep faith, generosity and humility. In the past, there had been substantial emigration from this poor agricultural area and Don Luigi was very involved in the restoration of the several churches and chapels in the parish. He persuaded parishioners to pick wild bilberries from the mountain slopes and sold these for monies towards the restorations.  Alfonsa Longa remembers him coming to San Carlo and appealing for funds. He was affectionately described as short and fat, and cared little for his clothes, food or personal comfort.

    In 1973, on the 40th anniversary of his arrival in Lostallo, he was accorded honorary citizenship of the town and remained in Lostallo until 31 October 1976 when he retired to nearby Cabbiolo. His obituary noted that "his work would stand as testimony to his sincere vocation and kindness coupled with a deep conviction of love and respect for God.

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