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Leopoldo Beniamino MARCHESI

10th Mar 1886 - 1980

Life History

10th Mar 1886

Born in Cimavilla, Poschiavo, Switzerland

13th Jul 1915

Birth of daughter Gertude (Trudi) Maria MARCHESI in Rorschacht


Birth of daughter Ines Ursula MARCHESI in Rorschacht, St Gallen, Switzerland.


Death of Clara GIGER in Heiden, St Gallen


Died in Bern, Switzerland

Other facts


Married Clara GIGER


  • Beniamino was born at Cima Villa, Poschiavo on 10th March 1886. Following primary school in Poschiavo, he attended the Kantonsschule in Chur where he learned German. He then attended the Verkehrsschule at Neuchatel where he learned French with great success.
    His first job was in the Post Office at Flims near Chur, GR. He then moved to Rorschach, Canton St Gallen, where he worked for the Post Office on trains and also in the office. He became friendly with one of the train managers, Josef Giger and his family, and in 1911 married his daughter Clara in Rorschach.

    In 1991 Beniamino and Clara moved to Heiden, SG, where there were many Italian speaking workers in the building trade. Few people spoke Italian and Beni became very well-known and appreciated through his linguistic skills.

    In 1959 Clara died of breast cancer, although Beni remained in Heiden. However, when other friends died, he came to live in Bern, where his daughters Trudi and Ines lived with their families. Beni died in 1980 in Bern, at the age of 94.

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