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Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI

1st Mar 1849 - 13th May 1905

Life History

1st Mar 1849

Born in Poschiavo.

2nd Mar 1849


16th Feb 1881

Married Orsola CRAMERI in Poschiavo.

17th Mar 1882

Birth of son Giuseppe Cristiano MARCHESI in San Carlo

14th Sep 1882

Death of son Giuseppe Cristiano MARCHESI

7th May 1884

Birth of son Emilio Vittore MARCHESI

31st Jan 1886

Death of son Emilio Vittore MARCHESI

15th Feb 1886

Birth of daughter Maria Domenica MARCHESI in San Carlo

28th Feb 1888

Birth of daughter Celesta Camilla MARCHESI in San Carlo

3rd Mar 1890

Birth of son Federico MARCHESI in San Carlo

18th Jun 1892

Birth of daughter Domenica Verena MARCHESI in San Carlo

1st Jan 1895

Birth of son Tomaso Natale MARCHESI in 21.07.1935

13th May 1905

Died in San Carlo


  • Giovanni Pietro bought the entire Aino Mill complex from his siblings. We have a copy of the "home made" contract relating to this, which can be seen on the "Old Documents" Page. It is believed that he lost his life in a tragic accident in the mill but we do not know the details of this.

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