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3rd Mar 1890 - 23rd Jun 1977

Life History

3rd Mar 1890

Born in San Carlo

10th Jan 1937

Married Eugenia CORTESI in Poschiavo

24th Jul 1938

Birth of daughter Milena Augusta Tomasina MARCHESI

18th Aug 1938

Death of daughter Milena Augusta Tomasina MARCHESI

18th Jun 1940

Birth of daughter Milena Vittorina Linda MARCHESI in San Carlo

23rd Jun 1977

Died in San Carlo


  • I met Federico in 1969 with my father Terry (Terence Alphonse) when he was sitting outside his house sharpening a scythe. When I next returned in July 1977, my father had just died (17.6.77) and so had Federico (23.6.77). Federico's wife Eugenia showed me an old family wedding photograph, and I was able to confirm that it was of Giuseppe Marchesi (1867-1916) and his wife Teresin Lardi (1879-1962). Vilma De Vecchi-Crameri lived with her parents in a neighbouring house and remembers being sent  over with a pail of milk and always returning home with a sweet that "Barba Fidric" or his wife had given her.

    The mill was last in full operation during the 1960's when Federico and Eugenia lived and worked there. They can be seen in the photograph taken in the  1960's. Federico had emigrated to Canada and the US in the 30's, but returned to San Carlo when his mother was ill. She died in 1938 and he had intended to go back to America, but he had married in the meantime and remained in San Carlo with his wife. During the 1930's, he installed some of the machinery which can now be seen operating very effectively.

    Maria Orsola Marchesi, (1856 - 1934), the only sister of Federico's father Giovanni Pietro, married Carlo Lanfranchi, and their great-grandson Arno Lanfranchi is now an historian, who has been associated with the restoration project of the Aino Mill.

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