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Benjamin Louis WILLIAMS

24th Nov 1977 - 5.06.2004

Life History

24th Nov 1977





  • Benjamin Louis Williams known as 'Ben or 'Benny' was born in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, a brother to two year old Timothy. His parents, Mary, and Peter lived in Steeple Claydon, a small village in north Buckinghamshire. From the beginning Ben was a placid individual who liked to be at the middle of things though not the centre of attraction; always reserved and shy he was firm in what he liked to do. He was happy for others to lead, and would participate on his own terms. Ben adored his older often-exuberant brother who was more out going and tended to leap into most things with great enthusiasm. Ever observant, Ben learned from this and grew up to consider his options carefully in everything he did. He was always, a home loving child and 'Daddy's boy' as a young lad. From an early age Ben developed a natural affinity and understanding with animals, which lasted into adulthood. His gentle and passive nature allowed him to develop a kindred spirit with the various family pets in the house that would follow him about and congregate in his room.
    As a teenager, Ben was, together with Tim his brother, a great fan of heavy metal music.  Although taught and played the trumpet at school his chosen instrument was always the electric guitar; he would spend hours playing on his own or 'jamming' with his brother, practising and later recording his own music.
    Ben was an all rounder at school and found it quite hard to think of what he might do in life, With 'A' levels completed, he left school at eighteen still unsure of where to go in any career, but adamant that university was not for him at this time!  Ben decided to find a job to consider his options further. He had several locally, and eventually found something he liked through school friends working in the automotive industry, becoming an electronic engineer, familiar with fast prestige cars that he often had the opportunity to drive for individual and group customers from all over the world. His role was to access and design modifications required, according to customer requirements, but in tune with manufacturer specifications. Ben enjoyed working in a small friendly go ahead environment, only six people at first, but as they became inevitably larger through success, thought his destiny might eventually lie elsewhere in the future. He had become particularly interested in philosophy and what made people think and behave in a certain way, this led to an interest in poetry, as further insight into people.
    Ben was a staunch non-violent animal rights defender, a vegetarian from his early teens, he tried not to use or wear anything whose production had caused pain or suffering to animals, most of his clothes were second hand either from family friends or charity shops. Together with his childhood school friend Daniel, he bought a house that which had an open door to anyone. Ben retained his strong individuality. He died unexpectedly at the age of twenty-six, happy but with his potential largely unrealised, he will always be missed by those he left behind.

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