Gioan Antonio MARCHESI Maria Caterina MARCHESI Giovanni Antonio MARCHESI Maria Orsola MARCHESI Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI Maria Francesca MARCHESI Andrea Cornelio MARCHESI Mariangela MARCHESI Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI Margherita MARCHESI Maria Domenica Rosa MARCHESI Federico Antonio MARCHESI Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe MARCHESI Giuseppe Luigi MARCHESI Luigi Maria MARCHESI Pietro Giovanni MARCHESI Maria Margherita Orsola MARCHESI Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI Maria Orsola MARCHESI Tomaso MARCHESI Salvatore Adolfo MARCHESI Maria Orsola MARCHESI Vittore Domenico MARCHESI Anna Maria GAIGHER Giovanni Pietro Luigi MARCHESI Caterina MARCHESI Maria Orsola FRANCHINA Mini tree diagram


22nd Oct 1820 - 1st Jun 1889

Life History

22nd Oct 1820

Born in Poschiavo.

26th Oct 1838

Married Anna Maria GAIGHER in Poschiavo, San Vittore

14th Sep 1839

Birth of son Federico Antonio MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

3rd Nov 1840

Birth of son Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

6th Jun 1842

Birth of son Giuseppe Luigi MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

25th Mar 1844

Birth of son Luigi Maria MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

27th Dec 1845

Birth of son Pietro Giovanni MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

29th Oct 1847

Birth of daughter Maria Margherita Orsola MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

1st Mar 1849

Birth of son Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

21st May 1850

Birth of daughter Maria Orsola MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

15th Oct 1851

Birth of son Tomaso MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

21st Dec 1853

Birth of son Salvatore Adolfo MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.

before 1856

Death of daughter Maria Orsola MARCHESI

21st May 1856

Birth of daughter Maria Orsola MARCHESI in Poschiavo

27th Jan 1861

Birth of son Vittore Domenico MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

1st Jun 1889

Died in Poschiavo


  • Please see the text on Giuseppe's father Gioan Antonio for details of the Mill at Aino.

    It is likely that the children of Giuseppe Marchesi and Anna Maria Gaigher were born in this house, including Federico Marchesi who subsequently went to Australia with three of his brothers. Each of the 8 vivant siblings received 1/8 of the house when their father Giuseppe died in 1889, and subsequently, Giovanni Pietro Marchesi bought the entire property from his siblings. We have a copy of the "home made" contract relating to this, which can be seen on the "Old Documents" Page.

    We have also seen entries for many of our ancestors in the trading records at Palazzo Mengotti, the museum in Poschiavo. There was a busy grocery business here and an insight into daily life is evident when one sees that Giuseppe purchased items such as wine, rice and salt.

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