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Terence Alphonse MARCHESI

17th May 1900 - 17th Jun 1977

Life History

17th May 1900

Born in 77 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, England

27th May 1929

Married Eulalie Catherine ROCCA in Corpus Christi RC Church, Tonbridge, Kent, England

30th Sep 1934

Birth of daughter Margaret Mary MARCHESI in Maternity Home, 3 Ashford Road, Norwich, England.

28th Jan 1936

Birth of son Terence John MARCHESI in Maternity Home, 3 Ashford Road, Norwich, England.

25th Apr 1937

Birth of son Anthony David MARCHESI in Leek, Staffordshire, England.

10th Dec 1941

Birth of son Malcolm David MARCHESI in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

17th Aug 1945

Birth of daughter Mary Jane MARCHESI in Orpington, Kent, England

17th Jun 1977

Died in Eastbourne General Hospital, Sussex, England


  • Terry Marchesi was born at 77 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, where his father owned a restaurant. He went to Willow Lane Primary School and for a year, in Poschiavo with his brother Louis, staying with their Swiss grandparents Luigi and Maria Marchesi. Terry helped his grandfather and Uncle Prospero in the forge at Cima Villa by holding the animals and swishing the files away as they were shod. Louis was a baggage boy at Hotel Croce Bianca, carrying luggage for patrons of the hotel to and from the station.

    He attended school for one year under the tutorship of Maestro Antonio Vassella. He lived the life of a normal Puschiavin' child and when out of school, helped with the usual family chores. He returned home with a fluent knowledge of Italian and Puschiavin'. The boys were sent to Switzerland with new suits but grandmother Maria thought these were far too good for everyday wear and made others from old clothes. Here we see an indication of the thriftiness which families had to practise in those days.

    In Norwich, Terry and his brothers helped in the kitchens before going to school and often loaded the trays of bread and cakes onto an early morning train to supply the Cromer and Sheringham tea rooms. They all became excellent cooks and we were fortunate to enjoy his Christmas dinners and the wonderful cakes and doughnuts he made for our birthdays!

    He attended King Edward V11 Grammar School in Norwich, but at the age of 13, he went to secondary school in Heiden, staying with his Uncle Beniamino and family. During WW1, it was not possible for him to return to England and the expense of feeding and clothing a growing boy meant that he had to leave school. At the age of 14, he went to work as a clerk in Zurich, where he stayed with a kind Swiss-German family and was glad to learn all three languages of Switzerland - Swiss-German, French and Italian. We have his Swiss military service book, Dienstbuchlein, which records service or tax paid in lieu of, as all male Swiss citizens were required to attend regular drill and training.

    Terry was eventually able to come home to Norwich in 1918 and he worked for a few years in the family business, but eventually decided to utilise his linguistic skills at Thomas Cook in Berkeley Square, London, and also in Paris, Rome, Naples, and Berlin. He was married at Corpus Christi Church, Tonbridge by Father Stephen Wray. He was widely-travelled and very enthusiastic about Italian opera, having attended live performances of great singers including Caruso and Gigli.

    In the 1930's he worked for Swiss Hotel Plan, and was a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force during WW2. He lived with his wife and family in Orpington, Kent, for many years, before retiring to Hailsham, Sussex. Terry's memorial stone lies beside his wife Pip's in the beautiful little cemetery at the Church of St Thomas à Becket, Framfield, Sussex.

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