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Gioan Antonio MARCHESI

20th Nov 1777 - 8th Apr 1839

Life History

20th Nov 1777

Born in Poschiavo.

10th Feb 1795

Birth of daughter Maria Caterina MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

8th Jun 1803

Married Maria Orsola FRANCHINA in Poschiavo.

27th Sep 1804

Birth of son Giovanni Antonio MARCHESI in Poschiavo

7th Oct 1805

Birth of daughter Maria Orsola MARCHESI in Poschiavo

12th Aug 1806

Birth of son Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI in Poschiavo

27th Apr 1808

Birth of son Maria Francesca MARCHESI in Poschiavo

6th Jan 1810

Birth of son Andrea Cornelio MARCHESI in Poschiavo

8th Nov 1811

Birth of daughter Mariangela MARCHESI in Poschiavo

23rd Nov 1813

Birth of son Giovanni Pietro MARCHESI in Poschiavo

7th May 1815

Birth of daughter Margherita MARCHESI in Poschiavo

31st Jan 1819

Birth of daughter Maria Domenica Rosa MARCHESI in Poschiavo

22nd Oct 1820

Birth of son Giuseppe MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

6th Jan 1823

Birth of son Giovanni Pietro Luigi MARCHESI in Poschiavo.

14th Apr 1824

Death of Maria Orsola FRANCHINA

11th Jan 1825

Married Caterina BONA in Poschiavo - Oratorio S. Anna

8th Apr 1839

Died in Poschiavo.

DOPO 1825

Birth of daughter Caterina MARCHESI


Birth of daughter Maria Caterina MARCHESI in Poschiavo, Switzerland.


  • Our great great great grandfather Gioan Antonio Marchesi (1777-1839) became a widower on the death of his first wife Maria Orsola Franchina. We also know from the records at San Vittorio, Poschiavo, that he and his second wife, Caterina Bona, were the first couple to be married in 1825 at Oratorio Sant'Anna, Poschiavo.

    Giovanni Antonio rented in 1801 and then bought in 1818 the house with the mill. It is certain that the mill dates from at least the 1700's, and Aino is the old name for its location in San Carlo. The mill has been restored and you can arrange a guided tour through the Tourist Office at Poschiavo. It is an excellent example of an eco-friendly small industrial complex, where a family made it's living from milling flour, the blacksmith's forge and the sawmill. Gioan Antonio and his son Giuseppe were described as "artisans full of resource and initiative."
    Some of the machinery is very old, and some dating from more recent times in the first part of the 20th century. All the machinery on the site is driven from the water-wheel which is set in a small channel off the river. There is a complicated system of belts which allows different machines to operate according to the required task. Health and safety considerations had much lower priority, and we think that one of our ancestors, Giovanni Pietro Marchesi (1849 -1905) lost his life in a tragic accident in the mill. We do not know the details of this. The sawmill is now the only one in Canton Grigione operating entirely on hydraulic power and the complex is a true example of rural work in the 19th and early 20th centuries. One realizes how vital were the blacksmith, the miller and the sawmill to a community and local economy.
    The mill was last in full operation during the 1960's when Federico Marchesi (1890 - 1977) and his wife Eugenia Cortesi-Marchesi (1911 -1990) lived and worked there.
    If you wish to see more information and photographs please refer to the Mulino Aino page on this website and also to:

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