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Maria Caterina MARCHESI

10th Feb 1795 -

Life History

10th Feb 1795

Born in Poschiavo.

11th Feb 1795

Baptised in Poschiavo.


  • We know her dates of birth and baptism from the records that we have seen at San Vittore Mauro, Poschiavo. Her Godparents were Antonio Marchesi and Caterina Crameri. However, there must have been an error in recording this birth as the named mother in the church records would only have been 9 years old! With so many similar christian and surnames in Poschiavo, this could have happened especially if the records were not made immediately by the priest. The father of Gioan Antonio Marchesi had the same names as his son and it is possible that Maria Caterina was his daughter. The civic records have not been checked.

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