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Marchesi Great Grandparents

Marchesi Grandparents




From the beginning of the 19th century, Poschiavini left their home town to earn a living abroad. They established a high reputation in many European countries with their traditional recipes from Canton Grigione. Many came to England to establish restaurants, cafès and bakeries, offering high quality food and pastries, often not seen before here. Most were in seaside towns on the south coast which were becoming fashionable holiday resorts at that time. You can see several in this gallery.

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SWISS CAFES IN INGHILTERRA. Nel 19. e nel 20. secolo, tanti Poschiavini dovettero lasciare le loro case per guadagnarsi da vivere all’estero. Molti andarono in Inghilterra per fondare ristoranti, tea-room, panetterie, offrendo cibo di alta qualità e prodotti di pasticceria non conosciuti in Inghilterra. La maggioranza si stabilì nel sud dell’Inghilterra, sulla costa, dove stavano fiorendo molti posti di villeggiatura. In questa galleria ne potete vedere diversi.

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VALPOSCHIAVO IN FORMER TIMES. These old photographs give an insight into life in Valposchiavo around 100 years ago. They show how hard travelling over the Bernina Pass was in the old days. Avalanches occurred, and still do, making transport very difficult. Lake Poschiavo was formed by a huge avalanche 15000 years ago. Cars were not permitted in Canton Grigione until 1926. Work in the fields was hard and everyone helped. The establishment of the hydro-electric power station at Brusio in 1904-6, and the opening of the Bernina Railway in 1910 has brought more prosperity to Valposchiavo. Smuggling of tobacco, sugar, rice and salt was a means of earning a little extra, especially during WW2, and continued into the 1970’s. There are several historic churches, with beautiful interiors. Tourism is very important to the valley and travelling there on the Bernina Line, an engineering masterpiece which now enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status, provides a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this unspoilt region.

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VALPOSCHIAVO NEGLI ANNI PASSATI. Una selezione delle fotografie della vita molti anni fa.

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